Cairo Nights in Seattle Workshop with Stefanya & Jayna

Music by Dr. Samy Farag

Saturday 06/27/2015 

10:00-3:00 PM - 1hr break


10 AM-12:00 PM Double Veils Choreography by Jayna

The circular veils Jayna works with were created by her mother, Marta Schill who was inspired by the Flamenco dancer's Monton they use that wrap around their bodies in a beautiful spiral-like motion when they dance with it. Using DOUBLE circular veils steps it up a notch because the audience gets quite a surprise when the performer executes a quick spin and magically separates the two, creating a magical, flower-like whirlwind that surrounds the dancer like a frame in motion.


Please bring your own veils if possible but there will be some to borrow/purchase at the workshop.


1:00 - 3:00 PM Balady Choreography by Stefanya

Students will learn a choreography that utilizes the passionate and grounded nature of the Balady rhythm that they can reuse in group or solo performances. This class will begin with a simple warmup, moveing into bellydance isolation and drill. A full length choreography will be taught. This passionate and strong choreography will allow the dancer to work on a different dynamic of his or her dancing. Focus will be on the rhythm of the balady and how to use the accents. Students will be given the time to perform the Choreography for Stefanya and she will be available to provide feedback for the dancers.


Dr. Samy Farag's music from Cairo Nights Volume 4 will be used in both workshops.


Space is LIMITED. Register EARLY. NO refund.

Contact Roxy if you'd like to pay by CHECK or CASH.







Positively unique, Stefanya is an exotic flower, blooming with every beat in rhythm. Her passionate and 

inclusive artistry utilizes dance as communication of her hearts deepest blessings to all the world. Acclaimed choreographer, award winning performer and sought after instructor, Stefanya is currently teaching and performing across the globe. She is a co-owner of the Los Angeles Bellydance Academy, a principal cast 

member of the world famous Bellydance Superstars, and at one time dance director of the Adam Basma

Dance Company. She can be seen on screen in numerous national and international commercial campaigns, 

television shows, and films, appearing live on stage with fellow artist such as Tom Delong, super-model Heidi Klum, and talk show star Kelly Rippa. Taking dance to new heights, Stefanya made headlines as a featured stilt dancer in the world premiere of “Stilt World” and in the Bellydance Superstars’ stage production “Raqs Carnival”. Performing internationally as an ensemble member and solo artist, Stefanya has graced the stage in more then twenty five countries throughout the in some of the world’s most prestigious venues. 


Stefanya has dedicated herself to the fundamentals of her art, with extensive training in contemporary forms of dance as well as ancient disciplines. Using a strong foundation in classical styles she merges dances from multiple world traditions and western techniques to create a refined, energetic oriental dance.





As a second generation Bellydance artist, Jayna Manoushe has been immersed in Middle Eastern music and dance her whole life.

Her mother, Marta Schill, not only dances but also is well accomplished in playing a variety of rhythms on the Doumbek while father, Jono Kouzouyan, sings and plays a variety of instruments including oud, ney and saz. Growing up in such a musically rich environment has made Jayna very comfortable with the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East.

As a professional performer, Jayna has had the pleasure of touring the world with the Bellydance Superstars and working with - as well as being influenced by - incredibly innovative and inspirational artists such as Jillina, Kami Liddle, Bozenka, Ansuya and many more.

Because Jayna's dance history includes ballet, jazz and gymnastics, she is very comfortable with the art of choreography and has had the pleasure of creating and performing dynamic pieces to the beautiful music of accomplished artists such as Dr. Samy Farag of Egypt and Pavlo of Greece.

Her joy and passion of Middle Eastern dance are evident through each performance.  Jayna looks forward to sharing some of this love with YOU!


Stefanya, Dr. Samy Farag & Jayna Cairo Nights 4 CD Release workshop

Workshop location:

The Hilton Garden Inn

Seattle/Bothell, WA


Phone: (650) 898-ROXY

EARLY BIRD by May 30th, 2015