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Oriental Bliss Productions presents “From Leila with Love -

the dance is YOU” 

Leila from Serbia FIRST TIME in Seattle


We invite you to a great dance journey filled with knowledge, creativity, fun, laughs and feelings! Our guest star Leila Oriental will be your guide in this journey and she will open up her magical dance world for you. Five hours of pure dance bliss! Technique, interpretation, feeling and musicality, provided step by stepm as well as breath by breath, because dance is much more than just a bunch of steps. The dance is love, passion and fun - the dance is YOU! We are waiting for you to smile, laugh, cry, feel and love 

together!!! Are you ready?


FRIDAY or SUNDAY 11AM-1:30 PM Spicy combinations “a la Leila”

Welcome to Leila’s oriental world! We will focus on developing combinations in Leila’s signature style, which we will try to put into use in different songs. Leila will open her interpretive world for you, in order to help you find your own voice as a dancer. We’ll try to balance between classical and modern, very elegant and spicy, using posture, attitude and body dynamics … Bring your smile and join us! 


FRIDAY or SUNDAY 2:30-5:00 PM - Emotion in motion

Dive into your inner emotional world and just surrender to the dance. Using interesting combinations that you will be able to adjust and use in creating your own works of art, Leila will teach you a great choreography to a beautiful lyrical song. Romance level: + infinity! Prepare to open your hearts and share many emotions together!



23718 Bothell Everett Highway Suite C

Bothell, WA

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